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Sgor na h-Ulaidh M149 ‘Peak of the Treasure’ 994m/3261ft NN 111 518.

15th October 2006 Route Map

This was our first Munro, having not climbed Beinn Eighe in 2005 as we; a) didn’t have maps or b) really know anything about ‘The Munros’. So this was our honeymoon holiday week and the weather was fantastic. If you look really carefully behind us at the peak you can see Ben Nevis in the distance. This was quite a hard walk which we made up ourselves, so we never really followed any paths and it was quite a tough long climb to the ridge.

We started from our cottage and followed a track up Gleann Leac na Muidhe then headed east up and across open moor land to Aonach Dubh a Ghlinne then due south to the peak of Stob an Fhuarain at 968m. We then carried on along the ridge to the Munro then back home more or less the way we went up.


Sgairneach Mhor M155 ‘Big Scree’ 991m/3251ft NN 599 731. 19th April 2013

See above for Beinn Udlamain M119






Beinn Eunaich M156 ‘Fowling hill’ 989m/3244ft NN 135 327. 19th October 2013 Route Map

We started from the small parking area on the B8077 onto the really good track passed Castles Farm and following that north-west that takes you all the way to 450m and only 2km from the summit! We then headed North / North-East following Allt Lairig Ianachain pretty much all the way to the  summit. Very misty passed 800m. After the summit we headed due South across the broad and shallow plateau until about 575m when a clear path headed steeply down due West to meet up with the track again and back at the car. A really good walk and weather not bad – no rain, little wind and warm, just mist and fog being issues. A 5½ walk and definitely one to do again (also as you can easily climb another Munro; Beinn a’ Chochuill).




Creag Leacach M159 ‘Slabby crag’ 987m/3238ft NO 154 745. 8th April 2014

See above for Glas Maol M69







Druim Shionnach  M160 ‘Ridge of the Fox’ 987m/3238ft NH 074 084. 8th October 2010 Route Map

A 7½ hour walk from the car park of the Cluanie Inn on the A87 just east of Glen Shiel. We climbed this along with Creag a’ Mhaim (see below M218). A grey, slighlty damp, but not raining day with very good visibility apart from the top which was quite misty.

The walk starts along the old road to Glen Loyne, cross a stile and follow a good, well used stalkers’ path up the hill. The path fades near the top so we found our own way onto the ridge, once there there was a clear path to both summits. The final approach to Druim Shionnach required a bit of moderate scrambling along a narrow, rocky ridge. The decent, after retracing our steps to the summit of Creag a’ Mhaim, was down an excellent, zig zagging path back to the old road. Great views across to Loch Loyne.



Ben Vorlich (Loch Earn) M165 ‘Hill of The Bay’ 985m/3232ft NH 629 189. 8th October 2015 Route Map

An excellent 8 hour walk from the small lay by car park lay by Ardvorlich House on the South side of Loch earn. Firstly on a good track, then path, due South climbing all the way to the summit of Ben Vorlich then continuing South to complete a reasonably tricky scramble after the Bealach at Creag Chasain. From there we walked, still South, to the Cairn of Stuc a’Chroin (M182). We then descended by the easier route following a boggy path North to ventually rejoin the main path out. The weather was excellent fo rthis walk; warm and very sunny with no wind – just as well as the scramble part would be difficult in any other weather conditions. From the summit of Ben Vorlich it looks very formidable!

See below for Stuc a’ Chroin M182


Stob Coire Sgriodain M174 ‘Peak of the Scree Corrie’ 979m/3212ft. 22nd May 2017

See above for Chno Dearg M86








Beinn Dubhchraig  M175 ‘Hill of the Black Crag’ 978m/3208ft NN 307 254. 22nd October 2013 Route Map

We started this 6½ hour walk from the car parking spot at Dalrigh. We tried to follow the Ben Oss walk from ‘Munros’ book (although due to weather and time there was no consideration of doing more than the 1st Munro) however, very quickly the route was changed! The footbridge crossing Allt Gleann Auchreoch just passed the railway bridge is no longer – which is a pity as that meets up with a path that should take you up the top along side Allt Coire Dubhchraig. So we made our way back east to the track and then followed a very rough path to the 2nd footbridge further south. It then became tricky as there was only a very rough boggy path the other side and with very bumpy terrain navigation was difficult. Eventually we got to a corner in the forest fence where we could easily climb up south-west to meet the end of the track that had been winding through the forest. We followed the track to the end and from there managed to find the path which, indeed, took us up to 900m. The last bit to the summit was in thick fog and, initially, the path was faint so I was a little worried and careful to make sure of our correct return. We returned the same way back, except when we reached the track we stayed on it and followed it through the forest; very easy going – especially appreciated as we’d been caught in some heavy rain showers! Followed the track all the way back to the car.


Cona’ Mheall M176 ‘Adjoining Hill’ 978m/3208ft NH 274 816. 25th May 2016

See above for Beinn Dearg M57 Route Map







Meall nan Ceapraichean M177 ‘Hill of the Stubby Hillocks’ 977m/3205ft NH 257 825. 25th May 2016

See above for Beinn Dearg M57 Route Map









A’ Mharconaich M179 ‘Place of the horses’ 975m/3198ft NN 604 762. 19th April 2013

See above for Beinn Udlamain M119









Carn Liath M181 ‘Grey Hill’ 975m/3198ft NN 936 698. 5th April 2014

See above for Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain M66






Stuc a’ Chroin M182 ‘Peak of the Sheepfold’ 975m/3198ft NN 617 174. 8th October 2015

See above for Ben Vorlich M165






Beinn Sgritheall M183 ‘Scree Hill’ 974m/3195ft NG 835 126. 5th October 2010 Route Map

A 7 hour walk using walk #68 from Cameron McNeish’s ‘Scotland’s 100 Best walks’. We had a little problem with the start as the starting point is further down the road than expected, so we found our own way up first following a track then forcing our way up through a steep wooded area breaking out onto a steep heather meadow then up to the ridge. Good weather (although very windy at times) GREAT views from the top.








Meall Garbh (Glen Lyon) M186 ‘Rough Hill’  968m/3176ft NN 647 517. 16th April 2012

See above for Carn Gorm M103










Sgorr nam Fiannaidh M188 ‘Peak of the Fian Warriors’ 967m/3173ft NN 140 583.

18th October 2006 Route Map

We started this along the road just east of Glencoe village, first walking on a track, crossing a bridge and then along a path up to Cnap Glas, then climbing along the rocky ridge to the summit. It was a bit misty high up and navigation was difficult as the path fades in the rocks so finding the cairn was a bit tricky. We weren’t the only ones having problems; we met some German walkers coming out of the mist from the east saying that they thought the summit was back the way they had come, but it infact turned out to be to the west – who knows where they had been? – They disappeared back into the mist continuing west which was a VERY rocky decent! We had great views of Loch Leven and Glencoe on the decent.




Carn a’ Chlamain M192 ‘Cairn like peak of the buzzard’ 963m/3159ft NN 915 758. 9th April 2014 Route Map

We started this very lovely long walk from our lodge on the Blair Atholl estate. Across from the Glen Tilt car park there is a sign for Marble Lodge and Forest Lodge, we followed this track for 8 miles all the way to Forest Lodge where, after a lunch stop in the wood we climbed steeply north-west to reach the plateau by Allt na Maraig. As with our Beinn Dearg walk (M124) the weather was great for walking – not too hot or cold, not raining, little wind, however above 700m it was very foggy so navigation was greatly aided by the use of our Garmin Etrex 30!

Alas, no views today but gradually as we descended on the path south-west views soon appeared. An excellent 20.5 mile walk taking 8½ hours.


Buachaille Etive Beag, Stob Dubh M201 ‘Small herdsman of Etive, black peak’ 958m/3143ft

NN 179 535. 16th October 2006 Route Map

Our second Munro and a ‘two peaks for one’ climb! Again we made our own walk up for this, starting from a parking place on the A82 in Glen Coe we walked on a muddy path along the Allt Lairig Eilde for about 1km then we headed up the hill south-easterly up ‘Man Buidhe’ to the ridge. Once on the broad ridge good paths take you to either summit with great views all around, again we had great weather for this 5 hour walk.

See below for Stob Coire Raineach M263





Stob na Broige M207 ‘Peak of the Shoe’  956m/3136ft NN 190 525. 3rd October 2012

See above for Stob Dearg M110












Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich M209 ‘Big Grey Hill of Fannaich’ 954m/3129ft NH 219 724. 26th May 2016

See above for Sgurr Mor M43 Route Map









Meall Chuaich M214 ‘Hill of the Quaich’ 951m/3120ft

NN 716 878. 4th April 2014 Route Map

This walk started almost opposite the entrance to Cuaich cottages on the A9 just north of Dalwhinnie, parking not great as it is just the verge of the A9! The walk starts along a good track next to an aqueduct almost due east then, just before Loch Cuaich, we turned onto another track alongside Allt Coire Chuaich before turning north-east onto a rough path up the hill which climbs steadily to the summit. Pretty good walking weather today, no wind or rain but above about 650m it was quite misty so not great views – but the occasional glimpse! We then returned exactly the same way making a nice 9.5  mile walk taking 4 hours – a lovely walk for an early spring evening!



Creag a’ Mhaim M218 ‘Rock of the Large Rounded Hill’ 947m/3107ft NH 087 077. 8th October 2010

See above for Druim Shionnach M160










Stob a’ Choire Odhair M226 ‘Peak of the Dappled Corrie’ 945m/3100ft NN 257 460. 23rd October 2013 Route Map

This was part of walk #54 in Cameron McNeish’s book, ‘Scotland’s 100 Best walks’ although we changed the route a little and we only did the one Munro. We started from the large parking area near Victoria Bridge just outside of Bridge of Orchy. We followed the excellent track along Abhainn Shira to the Clashgour Hut where we turned due north and continued on an excellent stalker’s path which basically takes you all the way to the summit. This path doesn’t make much height for 2km or so but then it when it does ascend it zigzags clearly up the mountain. Alas, not great weather today; quite wet and near the summit was very windy, misty and a bit of hail thrown in for good measure! But, an excellent 5 hour walk and one to do again to do both Munros and see in better weather!



Meall a’ Chrasgaidh M243 ‘Hill of the Crossing’ 934m/3064ft NH 185 732. 24th May 2016

See above for Sgurr nan Clach Geala M53 Route Map







Ben Chonzie M250 ‘Mossy Hill’ 931m/3054ft NN 772 308. 11th October 2015 Route Map

I started this walk from the ample parking area at Invergeldie in Glen Lednock following an excellent land rover track which climbs all the way to 750m. Near the top of the track there is a little cairn marking the start of a boggy path that climbs to the broad summit ridge, once there it’s really easy as you just follow the fence posts to the summit cairn.

Not bad weather for this one (my second Munro on my own (well with George too!!). Possibly one the easiest mountains I’ve climbed!




A’ Chailleach M251 ‘The Old Woman’ 930m/3051ft NH 681 042. 16th April 2013 Route Map

This walk is walk #49 in Cameron McNeish’s book, ‘Scotland’s 100 Best walks’ and we followed exactly as in book, the only change being that we stopped on the way up and down at the bothy hut (about 45mins from the car park). The weather was FULL ON!! VERY windy raining for most of the walk and, at the top, biting hailstones! So we didn’t hang around, plus no views to be had today – however, visibility was pretty ok for the rest of the walk. An exhilarating 4 hour walk.








Ben Hope M256 ‘Hill of the Bay’ 927m/3041 NC 477 501. 20th April 2011 Route Map

Only a 4½ hour walk with clear paths all the way from the car park near Alltnacaillich. Quite a busy walk as a) It was a very fine day weather-wise and b) Ben Hope is a popular Munro being the furthest North – from the top it’s “downhill to Iceland…”. A good walk with plenty of good places to stop to take in the magnificent views and have lunch. The weather for us was fantastic so we had great views from the summit.








Eididh nan Clach Geala M257 ‘Web of the White Stones’ 927m/3041ft NH 257 842. 25th May 2016

See above for Beinn Dearg M57 Route Map










Beinn Narnain M259 ‘Hill of the Notches’ 926m/3038ft NN 271 066. 31st October 2009 Route Map

This 3½ hour walk started from the car park beside the A83 in Succoth. The route followed the track as if climbing ‘The Cobbler’ (Walk #9 in ‘Scotland’s 100 Best Walks’) but this day instead of turning left before the col between the Cobbler and Beinn Narnain (after the Narnain Boulders) we turned right heading north on a good path that then swings around due east to climb to the summit, we then returned the same way. Not great weather this day; damp and misty higher up and also a very popular route as many people were climbing ‘the Cobbler’, however, an easy climb on good paths so easy to navigate at all times.

George’s first Munro!!






Geal Charn M260 ‘White Hill’ 926m/3038ft NN 561 987. 25th October 2007 Route Map

Starting from a parking spot on the east side of the reservoir by Spey Dam we walked due north along Glen Markie (a great walk on it’s own) and then we swung around west up Piper’s Burn to the lovely Lochan a’ Choire. We then climbed the remaining 250m to the north of the mountain up onto the broad ridge spinning around south to the finely built cairn. We made our way back down grassy meadows to Glenshero Lodge then back along the road to the car over 5½ hours.

A very fine walk on a fine mountain with lots to offer; a lovely Glen, a superb Choire in the bowl of the mountain then a broad ridge with great views and a majestic cairn.







Buachaille Etive Beag, Stob Coire Raineach M263 ‘Ferny Corrie Peak’ 925m/3035ft NN 191 548. 16th October 2006

Climbed again on 22nd June 2015

See above for Stob Dubh M201








Creag Pitridh M264 ‘Petrie’s Hill’ 924m/3031ft. 23rd May 2017

See above for Beinn a’Chlachair M56

See above for Geal Charn M81













Sgurr nan Each M267 ‘Peak of the Horses’ 923m/3028ft NH 184 697. 24th May 2016

See above for Sgurr nan Clach Geala M53 Route Map









Geal-charn M279 ‘White Hill’ 917m/3008ft NN 597 783. 19th April 2013

See above for Beinn Udlamain M119










Beinn Teallach M281 ‘Forge Hill’ 915m/3002ft. 24th May 2017

See above for Beinn a’Chaorainn M80











Ben Vane M283 ‘Middle Hill’ 915m/3001ft NN 277 098. 15th April 2011 Route Map

We did our own walk that took 5½ hours for this mountain starting from a parking place by Glen Kinglas on the A83. We walked for 3½km along the track up Glen Kinglas (marked Ben Vane track) then we headed South West up Gleann Uaine to climb ther slopes of Ben Vane. Although there was some low cloud cover and quite a breeze we had good views from the top; especially of the immediate surounding Munros of Ben Ime, Beinn Narnain and Ben Vorlich as well as The Cobbler.










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